When I first learned Hebrew, I was surprised to discover Hebrew cursive script.  At first, I cursed this curvy, cursive writing style, but now, I am enchanted by it—the script of my paternal lineage and a source of my personal artistic iconography. 

As an adult college student, a curveball was thrown at me when my advisor thought that I was a painter rather than a weaver; I was promptly tossed into an advanced painting class without ever having had taken a painting class before.  Thereafter, I struggled with my artist identity.  Am I a weaver or a painter?  The life-affirming people and artists on the beautiful Mendocino Coast of California helped me realize that it didn’t matter how I defined myself as an artist or as a person—I can simply be.  Happily, I am the sum of all my artistic and ancestral lineages.

Iconography pays homage to these lineages and traditions.  Many of these oil paintings have obvious or embedded cursive inspired iconographical elements with hand woven or surface designed fabrics cooperatively stitched onto each 24”x30”x3” canvas.